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Convert any Pedestal or Wall Fan into a Cool Mist Fan.

Complete AC DC 12V MIST FAN KIT @ Rs. 4900/-
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Misting Kit gives you one of the most economical, efficient and highly effective solution for reducing temperatures from hot to cold drastically. It has been said by experts that circulation fans used with a mist are truly the best way to cool down.
Mist Fan Kit

Convert any Pedestal Fan or Wall Fan into a Cool Mist Fan.


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AC DC Misting Kit 12v - Mist Fan Kit (Complete Kit with Metal Stand and Water Tank)

Best Price ₨.4900/-
Misting Kit Built-in 12V DC Motor

> 12v AC DC Adapter
> Brushless 12v DC Water Pump
> Plastic Water Tank (Cap 12 Ltr.)
> Metal Stand for Pedestal.
> Wall Metal Clip for Wall Fan.
> Wire +- Connector for Solar / Battery.

Precautions: Running without water even one time can cause the pump to airlock. Highly advised not to run Misting Kit without water.


Note: This price does not include Delivery Charges: 

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