Misting fans are a unique and innovative product in the fan industry.

Misting fans are a widely used option for mostly outdoor applications that require cooling down large spaces and crowds. Similar to air coolers, a misting fan will require a water supply. It pulls from the supply and releases water through misting kit which is attached to the Fan.

When the weather is sweltering outside and when you can’t use an air conditioning for outside area to cool you down, a MISTING FAN can feel like a lifesaver. These fans use evaporating water’s cooling power to bring relief in hot temperatures, and are also beneficial for the environment.

One of the main benefits of misting fans is that they can be conveniently used in a wide range of locations. They can be used at home for outside area as a less expensive alternative to air conditioners, cutting energy costs. They are also invaluable at large gatherings to help keep crowds cool, making visits to large events in the outdoor heat more comfortable and enjoyable. Misting fans can also keep people cool during sporting events, camping outings, or barbecues.

In addition to keeping people comfortable, misting fans keep people safe during the hot summer months. When temperatures soar, people are more at risk of falling ill or even dying from dehydration and heat stroke.

Children especially benefit from misting fans when they’re playing outside. Children sometimes forget to drink water when they’re busy having fun, which can cause dehydration, but misting fans can help them remain hydrated and cool. These fans are also immensely helpful in keeping animals cool, as animals do not always sweat the same way humans do. For instance, a dog burns heat off its body through its paws or panting. A misting fan can keep family pets or farm animals such as horses comfortable and cool so they don’t become ill or die from the heat.
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Convery any Pedestal Fan or Wall Mount Fan into a Cool Misting Fan as easy as ABC.